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When Should a Married Couple Have Sex?

The answer to this concern can vary widely. All this depends on the person. Some people are effortlessly more sexually active than others. This can have implications to the number of times a person has sexual activity.

New research on the subject, done by International Contemporary society for Sex Medicine, identified that there is not one “normal” having sex frequency. Rather, it depends on many factors, such to be a person’s male or female, age, relationship status, and way of life.

Many couples have got sexual activity at least once monthly, but many even more have sex more than that. For example , one study on married couples found that practically half of joined women above 70 experienced sex at least four occasions a week.

A more recent study, shared by the University of Chicago Press, found that married couples actually have sex regarding seven moments a month. Yet , this statistic involves the fact that couples are generally more sexually active than singles.

Although this kind of study did not specifically answer problem of how often a the wife and hubby should have sex, its findings suggest that it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Because the study paperwork, the most important thing is to help to make decisions about your own sexuality, rather than depending upon the thoughts of others.

The best way to find out how often a married couple should have a sex is definitely to discuss it with your significant other. Simply by communicating the desires, you are much more likely to be able to tame your sex desires.

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